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Pipe And Drape kits—3 Feet Tall
Each kit includes:

Two 3 feet tall fixed uprights
Two 8〞×14〞 bases
One 4ˊ-7ˊadjustable width cross bar
Drape is available(not including in the price)


* Freestanding system
* Durable and rust resistant
* Modular system
* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes
* Virtually unlimited size or configuration
* Creates theatre-like appearance
* No extra tools required
* Drapes can be supplied to size
* Easy for carry with special designed hand bags
* Custom height is available
* Upright,cross bar,bases and other pipe sections can be sold separately.
Pipe & drape systems are used for :

Concealment of Construction or Inventory
Reduce the Size of Rooms, Auditoriums, etc.
Backgrounds for Presentations, Buffets, and Orchestras
Traffic Control Guides
Exhibit Stalls
Dressing Rooms
Decoration of Walls
Pipe & drape systems are used at: 

Exhibition halls
Convention centers
Weddings and so on

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