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FAQ on Promotion of Trade show booth pipe and drape

1. is that true? A piece of trade show booth pipe and drape only costs $ 99?
Yes, we promise each piece, or what we called Part A, only costs $99 only if you are in the North America.  If compare with our competitors, this is the lowest price ever you could find in the market - less than 35% of the retailing price. Of course, you could save more for your booths if you could select our package, namely, purchase with our part A, part B and part C.
2. What’s the fabric for the trade show booth pipe and drape?
Well, we provide Banjo fabric for each booth. This is the most popular fabric for trade show and exhibition. As for the color, you could select white, black, red and blue. These fabrics are completely fire retardant. We offer 9 pieces of drapes for each booth- including 3 for the backdrop wall, 6 for side wall.
3. When will the promotion be expired?
Well, you can order our trade show booth pipe and drape until June 30th, 2013. This is the lowest price in the market and we lose money for this price just because we want to thank all clients in the northern American market.

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