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If you are now searching for a trade show booth for you display, exhibition or expo, you are strongly suggested to use pipe and drape- the foremost popular and convenient booth in the US and other European countries. With over tens of models of pipe and drape for trade show booth and the lowest prices in the industry, here you can find the perfect display for your exhibition needs from RK. Top the products with our outstanding client services, expert product knowledge and powerful design capability for all kinds of solutions and our green commitment, and you are rest easily knowing you are working with one of the best companies in the industry on this planet. We promise your exhibition would be not only a success experience, but also comfort and ease.
Why RK’s Pipe and drape for trade show booth?
There lots of reasons we could say, too many to list all here. First, we are absolutely designer and manufacturer. The price can be the lowest in the market you could find in the market. This is because our manufacturing base is set up in China and our stream line management ensures the highest efficiency and the lowest cost.
Another is firmly related to our powerful design capability. We now could not only keep up with the latest product trend, but also upgrade our products according to actual need. Of course, we can also design the style you require. No matter what sort of trade show booth you are looking for, we can custom make for you.
How does Trade show booth pipe and drape works?
Americans are the first to use pipe and drape in exhibition. This is because pipe and drape are comparatively advantageous than many other booth. Pipe and drape booth are easy to set up and dismantle- this might be the greatest reason why people love them. Addition, pipe and drape booth are lightweight and can be easily and conveniently stored and transported. Of course, these products are also very cheap- much cheaper than other booth and also recyclable.
After pipe and drape are set up, all parts of a trade booth is formed. The largest backdrop is usually used as the backdrop wall of the booth and the side wall on each side of the booth is used to divide the room and booth. Different exhibition can be well separated by the drapes and everything is kept in order.
Components and Installation of pipe and drape trade show booth
Trade show booth pipe and drape are similarly composed of several basic parts, including the base, the uprights, the cross bars, the drapes. Of course, there are really some differences in each part. For example, there are four bases for each single booth; two are for the main uprights and other for the side uprights. There are three drapes for each single booth, one as the main backdrop wall and the other two for side wall. Of course, there are four holes on the main upright at certain height in order to support side cross bars booth in front and behind.
The whole set up process is simple and easy. No extra tools are needed and all can be finished by one person because of the convenient operation in installation. Simply are there several steps: First, fix the base parts; second insert the base pin into the uprights. Third, put through drapes with cross bars; fourth hang the hook of crossbar onto the top or uprights. Then add another two single side wall for each booth. Each single booth can be finished within minutes. Of course, if there are more booths to set up, less time for each booth. Similarly, the dismantlement of trade show booth pipe and drape is also easy and convenient. Just do in the opposite way as the installation. All parts can be easily stored in flight cases or other package. All these products are recyclable and can be reused again in other trade show- most environment friendly products for all kinds of trade show.
How to Design Trade Show Booth with Pipe and drape
When one single booth is finished, users can the setup another just by connect the neighboring uprights and cross bars. For example, users can add two additional smaller sets of bases, uprights, cross and drapes on the opposite side of a single booth. Then there are two booths sharing the same backdrop. Similarly, another set of single drapes uprights, cross bars and drapes and side wall can be easily added to form another
Pipe and drape trade show booth Design
Usually, trade show booth can be designed in various forms, like the standard liner booth, perimeter booth, peninsular booth, split island booth and island booth. However, according to the actual needs of users, pipe and drape trade show displays can be usually designed in the following three main categories.
A single booth is also usually called island booth, this is because there is no connecting booth around. Each booth can be designed at different sizes according to user’s actual needs. For example, you can select the most popular booth which has relatively standard sizes. RK offer standard trade show booth pipe and drape with 8 foot Slip-Fit Uprights and 6-10 foot wide adjustable Drape Support Rod. Of course, the booth can be adjusted according to the size of the exhibition hall and floor.
The single row booth design is ideal solutions for layout. The whole solution can be easily finished just by connecting parts onto the single booth. For example, for two booths, just add a single back wall and side wall on the side. One by one, the single row booth is connected. As for the number of booth, you can add up to 24 or more. For the 24 in-line booth, you just need to purchase 25 main uprights. RK can offer standard sized pipe and drape for you needs. The whole booth system can be finished by one person very fast. Only several minutes are needed for each booth.
The back to back double row booth solution is more popular, money and time-saving. Every two booth share the same back wall and the neighboring booth share the same uprights and side wall. They can be easily connected and combined. Less time is needed and more money is saved than the single row booth if with the same booths. For example, only 13 main uprights are needed for a 24 booth back to back double row booth.
About the Drapes
The most popular drapes are Banjo fabrics in black, white, blue and red, widely used in all kinds of exhibition and similar events. Banjo drapes are fire-retardancy and can ensure safety for your activities. Of course, you can select drapes according to your actual needs- the fabric and the color or color combination.
Cases of Using Pipe and Drape as Trade Show Booth
Our pipe and drape used as trade show booth are very popular among our clients. Here are some examples.
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Trade Show Booth System in Red
Trade Show Booth System in Blue
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