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Why Pipe And Drape Wholesale Business Is Getting Popular Than Renting
Pipe and Drape rental business has a long history. Ever since there’s pipe and drape, rental business seems to run faster than purchasing. Interestingly, the tides of that competion has changed. For most parties, pipe and drape seems to be a one time deal, let’s say you need a pipe and drape on a wedding, unless you are expecting a second one, then you would probably think: “Well, why would I buy something that’s only gonna be used once?”
Pipe and drape
Pipe and drape

But you see, for one time, the price of renting might be lower than just buy one, but the thing is, pipe and drape is not like wedding dressses, they don’t really just a one time deal, what about your birth day parties, your graduations, your baby showers?
Pipe and drape
Pipe and drape

The accumulated amount of money spent on renting is a lot higher than buying one. And there’s more to it, now pipe and drape manufacturing business is went to the next level - bulk producing, as many other manufacturing industries have. You would probably be amazed at the change of prices of the pipe and drape from the 80s, or the 90s. Especially when you’re a professional parties organizer, think about the money you’ll save, and the trouble of renting you’ll avoid. Not a bad deal, eh?

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