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Extend the theatre-like appearance of the Cinefold Dress Kit.

The Cinefold Pipe and Drape Runoff is a universal modular draping system for all cinefold types.

Also suitable as a room divider or to hide unsightly areas.

Adjustable telescopic pipe uprights and horizontal drape bars give versatility in height and width.



1,Freestanding system.

2,Drapes can be supplied to size

3,Adjustable height and width


Part of the  pipe and drape

Assembly and Dimension:

Our Standard of a unit pipe and drape is two pillars, oen crossbar, two basements and one drape

The area of drape will be max height and max wodth

Model Type of Pillar:  RK-TS1120, 11 ' -20 ' Adjustable Upright

Model Type of Corssbar:  RK-TDS814, 8 ' -14 ' TDS(stops at 10 ' ,12 ' & 14 ' )

Model Type of Basement:  RKPDB5050, 500*500*5mm


Other Dimension:

adjustable upright pipes:with 8'~20’/6'-14'/7'-12'/8'-14'

'telescopic crossbars(Floor width):4'-7'/6'-10'/7’~12'/8'-14

base plates:15'*15'/18"x18"x3/8’’/18'*18'*33IBS/20'*20'


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