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A cheap low cost but good quality pipe and drape, is it real
As many suppliers or distributors may wonder, is it really possible to find a manufacturer to provide low-cost, cheap products or service in the mean time the quality is really good? As for that question, you will need to know that price and quality does not go against each other, just because a product is of good quality, it does not necessorily have to be expensive.

But Where to buy reliable cheap pipe and drape?  To answer that question, you need to know the basics of manufacturing process. To produce a good quality pipe and drape, one manufacturer at least should make sure these things:

1.Reliable and low cost material suppliers,

2. Pipe and drape manufacturing experts,

3. Have its own factory.

4. Have its own reliable oversea transportation services.

The first two can be easily achieved for most pipe and drape producers, however, the reason that RK can confidently say that we can provide the best priced and good quality pipe and drape products is because we have our very own factory and oversea transportation services.

As we all know that pipe and drape is not the kind of item that's going to cost much, compared to other industrial products. The main reasone behind the differences of prices lies within manufacturing/producing itself and the shipping process. Often for an online wholesaler that relies on a third party to transport its goods or to even make its demanded items, those third party services are going to cost a lot, and guess who is going to pay that bill? That's right, it's you, the customer.

RK have its advantage, because we are not a simply online wholesaler, we have both our very own manufacturing production line and shipping company, which means we don't rely on a third party to do the whole sale process, which cuts down the cost for us, and then the price will be low. Since we have been doing business since 1996, we gathered a whole team of pipe and drape production expert at our side, you don't need to worry about the quality, besides, we have a good refund policy.

Still not certain? Take two minutes to chat with our sales managers and see our words come to reality.

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