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Pipe and drape hooks- tiny but vital

Pipe and drape are composed of two major parts, namely the hardware and the soft drapes. Among the two main parts, hardware is the most complicated with many components. Pipe and drape hardware are consisted of the base, uprights, cross bars and accessories. However, pipe and drape hooks are just such a tiny but vital part on the cross bars to connect with uprights and support the drapes and curtains.
Usually users seldom pay attention to pipe and drape hooks, mainly because they are too small and seems to be something should be ignored. However, the role they played is almost crucial for the whole structure. For example, if there are no hooks or the hooks are broken, the cross bars cannot be connected to the uprights and the draperies shall never be supported. Here is a simple introduction about these tiny but vital components.

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Unlike other parts of the hardware, pipe and drape hooks are made from metal that are rigid and inflexible. They are fixed at each end of the cross bars and placed into the slots on the uprights. The gravity of the drapes and curtains and that of the cross bars will make the whole structure firm.
Pipe and drape hooks are replaceable and can be changed if they are broken. They can be obtained from various ways, like wholesale pipe and drape provider, retailers and so on.
For more information about these tiny parts, please contact us soon. 

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