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RK’s pipe and drape make your exhibition perfect
Exhibition is one of the most important events for many companies who need to show their latest technology, products and solutions. To some extent, the exhibition will greatly move the business of some exhibitors. Therefore an outstanding trade show booth design matters a lot. But making such ideas is never an easy job. You might be worried about how to make an exhibition booth design for the coming exhibition. Providing free coffee or other drinks? That cannot attract the crowed far way. Making certain plays? That costs too much and cannot last for the whole exhibition. What’s more, most of the designs are time and money consuming. Just take it easy, RK’s pipe and drape kits are the best solutions for you.
With our solutions, you don’t even need to have trade show booth graphics. This is because all of our pipe and drape are well designed and can be used for all kinds of exhibition and shows.
It’s true that you will have no further worries if you have made a trade show booth design with our products. You can easily transport our pipe and drape package and install them after arrival. Only within minutes, a whole system can be constructed just by connecting the base, uprights, drape, cross bars and accessories- all these drapery hardware can be fixed without any other tools. After the exhibition, all parts can be easily disassembled for better storage and transportation.
One thing should be pointed out that drape is critical for a successful exhibition. You have more options out of your expectation while selecting the colors for drapes. We suggest using two to three colors- never use too much or less. This is because colored drapes can attract the attention of visitors in the distance, but too many colors may not give them good impressions. What’s more, all drapes should be flame-resistant if used for exhibitions, for there are potential fire hazards in the exhibition hall where a lot of booths are gathered. Therefore, if you want to make a perfect trade show booth design, you need to choose the best pipe and drape products. 

Pipe and drape used in exhibition as booth

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