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To Design A Perfect Trade Show pipe and drape Signs
Are you or you company going to be participating in an exhibition or trade show, if so, you have something to prepare.
Don’t know how to do it? Well, any successsful trade show starts with a good trade show sign, a good promoting, eye-inviting, informative one.
First you’ll need to decide the size of that sign, it depends on how much large of the size of your trade show booth. Once the right drape size is decided, now will be time to decide the display style.

Pipe and drape trade show Exhibits
Now about the trade show sign display, there are a lot different styles and people have been arguing which one is for the best. You can make a poster entirely with drawings, and no words, no description. Know in mind that people in a trade show pipe and drape don’t pay much attention to words or reading, they need a “pop up” poster, which means they need an excellent drawing to get their attention.
Of course you can still add description if you would, but better minor description because like TV commercials, poster only holds people’s attention for seconds, if you put too much words on it, you lose.

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