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Keep at a low profile- Pipe and drape base
Pipe and drape are some of the widest used products for almost all kinds of activities. However, these portable products are in need of something to stand up. Base is just such essential part to support uprights and the whole pipe and drape system. Usually people often talk about uprights, cross bars or draperies, but seldom care about the pipe and drape base. As the lowest part of pipe and drape hardware, base always keeps at low profile, but plays a critical role in supporting the whole structure.
All other parts of pipe and drape hardware are made from aluminum to make the structure lightweight. What are the materials for bases? Usually the pipe and drape base in the market are made from steel that is heavily enough to keep the drape system up right. This is the same materials as pipe and drape hooks. The weight of bases ranges from 6 to 62 lb according to real needs. However, metal is prone to get rusted and some kinds of coatings must be added onto the part. After special treatments, the base become rust-resistant and can be used for very long time.
Though base is made from metal and a little bit heavy, they are also convenient to storage and transport due to the low-profile design. Users can put this part into a pipe and drape package, in the form of flight case or bag. It is not suggested to place all bases in the same package if there are a lot of pieces of bases. Storing with other parts is a good idea.
Pipe and drape bases must be designed at a low profile to make sure that it will not affect the whole events, especially when guest or audiences have to walk on the side of the drape system. 

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