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"A curtain sometimes known as a drape (mainly in the United States)". Simply, drape is a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light, or water, or drafts in the case of a shower curtain. Add new curtains to finish your room by luxury velvet curtains, velvet curtains is one of curtain products, the drape (curtain also be called drape) comes in a variety of colors and styles, for example:

RK curtain drapery valances 
Adjustable high(2 pieces): 3ft-5ft, 4ft-7ft, 5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft, 7ft-12ft, 8ft-14ft, 9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft, 11ft -20ft, 12ft – 22ft, 13ft-24ft, 14ft -26ft
Adjustable high ( 3 pieces ): 5ft – 11ft, 6ft-14ft, 7ft-17ft, 8ft-20ft, 9ft-23ft
Different size: 420*400*5mm, 450*450*5mm, 500*500*5mm, 500*500*8mm, 450*450*10mm, 400*400*12mm
Color of Drapery: Black, White, Optional
Usage: Event, Wedding, Party, Decoration and so on

RK velvet drapes
velvet drapes

Find velvet drapes and frame the windows in timeless style. Choose expertly crafted velvet drapes from our huge luxury collection. Velvet Curtains: Free Shipping on orders over $45! Shopping now - choose from a huge selection of modern velvet curtains from the most popular online stores at! You can also check for more information on drapery hardware, drapery fabric, drapes and curtains.

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